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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
BeniasA spirit or familiar from Tardebigge and Henlipp in the county of Worcestershire and known to belong to Dr. John Lamb. Dr. Lamb is said to have kept Benias trapped in his crystal ball, the source of his predictions, along with three other unknown spirits. Benias was chief amongst them, and Dr. Lamb summoned him with declarations of adoration. Here followeth some particulars of the proofet against him vpon this last indictment. That Doctor Lambe did meete with one master Wayneman by chance, and entring into some discourse with him, he tolde him, that although hee neuer had seene him before, yet he could tell him what secret markes he had on his body, and what Acts he had done in his life; which he did: and also told him, that he vpon sight of any man or woman could doe the like to them. And did practise to drawe the said Mr. Wayneman into the Deuillish Art of Coniuration, and told him that he had the command of spirits, and said he would presently shew to him an An|gell. Which Master Wayneman for curiositie sake was content to seet. Thereupon Doctor Lambe tooke out of his pocket a round Christall Classe, and sett on the crown of his Hatt vpon a table, and then hee kneeled downe on his knees before the same, saying I addure thee (Benias) Wherevpon Master Waineman answered, should you not say I admire thee? No, quoth Lambe: Then Master Waineman said to him, sure you would not say, I adore? Yes, said Doctor Lambe, otherwise he will not appeare: and although I said to you, it was an Angell, I would shew you, I did deceiue you for it is a Spirit I vse to call vpon, whereupon Mr. Wayneman did depart. And at another time he met with Mr. Wayneman and perswaded him to the said art of coniuration, and told him that he could doe strange things, as intoxicate, poyson, and bewitch any man so as they should be disabled from begetting of children. And that he had 4. spirits bound to his christall but said (Benias) was his chiefe spirit.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Briefe Description of the Notorious Life of John Lambe. Amsterdam: 1628, 5-6