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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
TiffyA familiar from the County of Huntingdon, known to take the shape of a white cat, whom Elizabeth Weed allegedly gave to Francis Moore for the purpose of killing any person Moore chose to curse. In exchange for Tiffy, Weed had Moore deny God and affirm it with her blood, which Tiffy licked from Moore's pricked finger. Tiffy is said to have killed William Foster at Moore's behest after Foster threatened to hang Moore's children for trying to steal bread. Foster became sick and lay in pain for seven or eight days before finally dying. Moore claimed that she had killed Tiffy the year before her examination, but that the cat had been haunting her, and crept under her clothes after Moore was apprehended to torture her so she couldn't speak to confess freely.And the said Examinate further saith, that about the same time one goodwife Weed gave her a White Cat, telling her, that if she would deny God, and affirme the same by her bloud, then whomsoever she cursed and set that Cat unto, they should dye shortly after. Whereupon this said Examinate saith that shee did deny God, and in affermation thereof shee pricked her finger with a thorne, whence issued bloud, which the Cat presently licked; and the said goood-wife Weed named the cat Tiffy. And the said Examinate further saith, that one William Foster, about sixteen years since, would have hanged two of her children for offering to take a piece of bread; and for that cause about sixe yeares since she cursed the said William Foster; whereupon the white Cat went to him, and he immediately fell sick, any lying in great paine for the space of seven or eight dayes, and then dyed: but being demanded what the Cat did to him, or what she bid it doe, she saith she remembers not.

Appears in:
Davenport, John. The Witches of Huntingdon. London: 1646, 5