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Assertions for a specific being.

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DandyA familiar from the Forest of Pendle in the county of Lancashire, known to appear in the shape of a brown dog and to belong to James Device. According to Device, Dandy first appeared to him by Pendle's new church and requested his soul in exchange for being revenged of anyone he wanted. Device replied "his Soule was not his to giue, but was his Sauiour Iesus Christs, but as much as was in him this Examinate to giue, he was contented he should haue it." Two or three days later, he argued with Anne Townley when she accused him and his mother of stealing from her, and she hit him between the shoulders; two days later, Dandy came to him and instructed him to make a clay image of Townley, and said that with Dandy's help, he could kill or destroy her. Device did as he was instructed and crumbled the image a bit each day for a week. Two days after the image was gone, Townley died. Device also set Dandy on John Duckworth after Duckworth promised him an old shirt and later denied it to him; Duckworth was dead within a week after. James' sister Jennet Device claimed that Dandy appeared in the shape of a black dog and killed Townley for him. Jennet also alleged that Dandy had killed John Hargreaves and Blaze Hargreaves for James. James claimed that he last saw Dandy the Tuesday before his apprehension, and Dandy departed with a cry and a flash of fire when James would not give him his whole soul.The Examination of IAMES DEVICE, sonne of ELIZABETH DEVICE, of the Forrest of Pendle, in the Countie of Lancaster, Labourer. Taken the seuen and twentieth day of Aprill, Anno{que}, Reg. Regis IACOBI, Angliae, &c. xo. & Scotiae Quadragesimo quinto Before ROGER NOWEL, and NICHOLAS BANNESTER, Esquires: two of his Maiesties Iustices of Peace within the said Countie. [...] And within some foure daies after that, there appeared in this Examinates sight, hard by the new Church in Pendle, a thing like vnto a browne Dogge, who asked this Examinate to giue him his Soule, and he should be reuenged of any whom hee would: whereunto this Examinate answered, that his Soule was not his to giue, but was his Sauiour Iesus Christs, but as much as was in him this Examinate to giue, he was contented he should haue it. And within two or three daies after, this Examinate went to the Carre-Hall, and vpon some speeches betwixt Mistris Towneley and this Examinate; Shee charging this Examinate and his said mother, to haue stolne some Turues of hers, badde him packe the doores: and withall as he went forth of the doore, the said Mistris Towneley gaue him a knock betweene the shoulders: and about a day or two after that, there appeared vnto this Examinate in his way, a thing like vnto a black dog, who put this Examinate in minde of the said Mistris Towneleyes falling out with him this Examinate; who bad this Examinate make a Picture of Clay, like vnto the said Mistris Towneley: and that this Examinate with the helpe of his Spirit (who then euer after bidde this Examinate to call it Dandy) would kill or destroy the said Mistris Towneley: and so the said dogge vanished out of this Examinates sight. And the next morning after, this Examinate tooke Clay, and made a Picture of the said Mistris Towneley, and dried it the same night by the fire: and within a day after, hee, this Examinate began to crumble the said Picture, euery day some, for the space of a weeke: and within two daies after all was crumbled away; the said Mistris Towneley died. And hee further saith, That in Lent last one Iohn Duckworth of the Lawnde, promised this Examinate an old shirt: and within a fortnight after, this Examinate went to the said Duckworthes house, and demanded the said old shirt; but the said Duckworth denied him thereof. And going out of the said house, the said Spirit Dandy appeared vnto this Examinate, and said, Thou didst touch the said Duckworth; whereunto this Examinate answered, he did not touch him: yes (said the Spirit a|gaine) thou didst touch him, and therfore I haue power of him: whereupon this Examinate ioyned with the said Spirit, and then wished the said Spirit to kill the said Duckworth: and within one weeke, then next after, Duckworth died.

Appears in:
Potts, Thomas. The Wonderfull Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster. London: 1613, H3-H4