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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 194A monstrous fish that was found in the county of Chester. This fish is reported to be twenty yards and one foot in length, and five yards in height.It is a fish, a monstrous fish, a fish that many dreads, But now it is as we would wish, cast vp oth sands ith meads, In Chesshire; and tis certaine true, Describ[e]d by those who did it view. [...] Full twenty one yards and one foot this fish extends in length, With all things correspondent toot, for amplitude and strength: Good people what I shall report, Doe not account it fained sport. [...] It is almost fiue yards in height, which is a wondrous thing, O mark what maruels to our sight our Potent Lord can bring. These secrets Neptune closely k[e]eps Within the bosome of the d[e]eps.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Description of a strange (and miraculous) fish cast upon the sands in the meads. Unknown: 1690, 1