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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
TyffinOne of four familiars which allegedly belong to Ursula Kempe of St. Osyth, Essex, which, according to her son, Thomas Rabbet, she allegedly feeds with "beere to drinke, and of a white Lofe or Cake to eate," and allows "sucke blood of her vpon her armes and other places of her body." According to both Kempe and her son, this familiar, Tyffin appears in the shape of white female lamb, and of her familiars, the "shees were to punishe with lamenes, and other diseases of bodyly harm: and also to destroy cattell." Kempe later confessed "that vpon the falling out betweene Thorlowes wife and her, shee sent Tyffin, the spirite vnto her childe, which lay in the Cradle, and willed the same to [knock] the Cradle ouer, so as the childe might fall out thereof, and breake the necke of it." Unlike Kempe's other familiars, Tyffin speaks several times to Kempe, giving her information on other witches and their familiars: that Mother Bennets had two familiar, "the one of them like a blacke Dogge, and the other redde like a Lyon, and that their names were Suckin and Lyerd"; that one of Ales Hunt's familiars (Jack or Robbin) "had killed Heywarde of Frowicke sixe beastes which were lately dressed of the gargette"; that Annis Glascocke sent on of her familiars to kill Martha Stevens, and that Annis had herself bewitched Charity Page and the Page's other child; informed Kempe about the details of the fight Ales Newman had with John Johnson and that she had (as part of a group, perhaps, the person who plagued Durrant May have been Ales Hunt, bewitched the butcher, Henry Durrant's daughter. Rebecca. Kempe was question specifcally on the reliability of Tyffin's testimony; she replied "that the saide spirite did euer tell her true in any matter shee required of it, and saith, that shee neuer knewe it to tell her otherwise then truth." The enformation of Thomas Rabbet, of the age of viii. yeres or there abouts, base sonne to the said Vrsley Kempe alias Grey, taken before me Brian Darcey esquire, one of her Maiesties Iustices, the xxv. day of February, against his said mother. THe saide Thomas Rabbbet saith, that his said mother Ursley kempe alias Grey hath foure seuerall spirites, the one called Tyffin, the other T[y]ttey, the third Pigine, & the fourth Iacke & being asked of what colours they were, saith, that Tyttey is like a little grey Cat, Tyffin is like a white lambe, Pygine is blacklike a Toad, and Iacke is black like a Cat. And hee saith, hee hath seen his mother at times to giue the[m] beere to drinke, and of a white Lofe or Cake to eate, and saith that in the night time the said spiri[...]es will come to his mother, and sucke blood of her vpon her armes and other places of her body.

Appears in:
W., W. . A True and Just Record, of the Information, Examination and Confession of all the Witches, taken at S. Osyth in the county of Essex. London: 1582, A3v-A4