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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
MinnieA spirit in the form of a partially coloured red and white dog who belongs to Alice Goodridge that she sends to torment Thomas DarlingAlice Goodridge by name, sundry times confessed, that she mistaking Tho. Darling for one Sherrats boy, sent her familiar or spirit in forme of a dogge (partie coloured, redd and white) called Mynny, to torment him in his bodie, and that she had caused his vexation: & further that at hir sending of him, she streyned all hir body, & vomited, bidding hir Minny to goe and doe so to the boy, who returning, saide, hee had done so.

Appears in:
Darrel, John. A Brief Apologie Prouing the Possession of William Sommers. Middleburg: 1599, 29