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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 17A headless and tail-less bear that allegedly appears to Stephen and Margaret Hooper. Anonymous 17 evidently came up on to the bed, stroked Margaret Hooper's feet three times, took her out of the bed, rolled her around the floor of the bed chamber, and then rolled her under the bed. Stephen Hooper attempted to strike Anonymous 17 with a stool, but it felt as if he was stroking a featherbed.Lorde helpe us what maner of thing is this that commeth here. Then her hufbande looking up in his bedd efpied a thing come to the bedd muche like unto a Beare, but it had no head nor no taile, half a yarde in length and halfe a parde in height: her hufbande feeing it come up to the bed, rofe up and tooke a ioyned ftoole and ftroke at the faied thing, the ftroke founded as a though eh had ftroken uppon a featherbedd; then it came to the woman a stroke her [...]ee times upon the feete, and tooke her out of the bed, and fo roulled her to & from in the Chamber, and under the bed: The people there mefent to the number of feven perfons were fo greatly amazed with this horrible fight, that they knewe not what to doe, yet they called ftill upon God for his affiftance: but the Candle was fo dimme that they could fearfly ffee one another.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A True and Most Dreadfull Discourse of a Woman Possessed with the Deuill who in the Likenesse of a Headlesse Beare Fetched her out of her Bedd. London: 1584, Image 5-6