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Alice Manfielde is accused of sending her imp Robin to plague Cheston's bull, make it pine, and die. This was seen as an act of retribution; Cheston's wife allegedly chides Manfielde and speaks many evil words to her.(63)

Appears in:
W., W. . A True and Just Record, of the Information, Examination and Confession of all the Witches, taken at S. Osyth in the county of Essex. London: 1582, 63

1575   St. Osyth; St. Ofes; St. Oses  Essex  Essex  England 

Anne Beaver pleads not guilty to practicing witchcraft upon and murdering Edward Boulton, John Baylie, Thomas Coleman, Josias Boswell, Richard Frisby, Susan Mason. She is acquitted of all charges. (72-73)

Appears in:
Jeaffreson (editor), John Cordy . Middlesex County Records: Volume 2: 1603-25. Unknown: 1887, 72-73

1575 London  Edmonton  London, Greater  Middlesex  England