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Mabel Swinton questions Joan Seager and finds her "much abashed and ashamed." Joan finally tells her that, on Whitson Eve, Dr. John Lambe needed someone to bring him a basket of herbs, but his women were busy elsewhere, so she brought it to him at the King's Bench. When she arrived, Lambe sent away his serving-man and locked the door, then led her into his closet and locked that door as well. He put her on a joint stool and stuck his tongue in her mouth. Though she "striued with him as much as she could, but hee would not let her alone, but stroue with her."(16-18)

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Briefe Description of the Notorious Life of John Lambe. Amsterdam: 1628, 16-18

1627, May 22 King's Bench    London, Greater  London  England