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ID Short Description Date City Parish Current County Old county Nation

James Graham of Chester is allegedly visited by an apparition of Anne Walker who tells him of how she was murdered by Mark Sharp.(19-20)

Appears in:
Sinclair, George. Satan's Invisible World Discovered. Edinburgh: 1685, 19-20

1632     Cheshire  Chester  England 

Edmund Robinson Jr. claims Frances Dickenson took him to a house where many people were feasting. He claims he was offered meat and bread by a woman he knew not (Anonymous 156), but he refused to eat it after one bite. (lxii)

Appears in:
Potts, Edward Bromley (Sir.), James Crossley, Thomas. Potts's Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster. Unknown: 1845, lxii

1632 Burton Agnes  Burton Agnes  Yorkshire  York  England 

Ten or twelve of Richard Welch's lambs are allegedly killed by Joyce Boane's familiars, at her behest.(34)

Appears in:
H., F.. A True and Exact Relation of the severall Informations, Examinations, and Confessions of the late Witches, arraigned and executed in the County of Essex. . London: 1645, 34

1632   St. Osyth; St. Ofes; St. Oses  Essex  Essex  England