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Jane Wallis is examined before Justice Robert Osborne, and confesses to having been visited six weeks before by a spirit in the shape of a man wearing black clothes. He greeted her, introduced himself as Blackeman and asked if she was poor. When she replied to the affirmative, he said he would send Grissell and Greedigut to her, to do anything she asked of them. Wallis noticed then that he had ugly feet. To her terror, he seemed to grow, then shrink, and vanished away. In his deposition, Edward Wingfield added that Blackeman appeared ancient; Wingfield claimed Wallis had confessed to him.(12)

Appears in:
Davenport, John. The Witches of Huntingdon. London: 1646, 12

1646, February   Keiston  Cambridgeshire  Huntingdonshire  England