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Jane Stretton of Ware, Hartford suffers from "strange and extraordinary fits." When medicine is applied to her "as it is usual for the Tooth-Ach," it does not help, but rather causes her to be "more violently tortured still then before." It is believed that Jane Stretton suffers from "Witchcraft and such Diabolical means." This is further confirmed by the sightings of devils and imps (Anonymous 24), "sometimes in the shape of a Toad, at other times it resembled a Frog," while at yet other times it is in the form of a mouse. These imps and devils torment Jane Stretton for nine months. She is also incapable of taking any sustenance, safe "surrups and such like liquid ingredients." She is never dispossessed. (1)

Appears in:
Y., M.. The Hartford-shire Wonder. London: 1669, 1

1669 Hartford    Huntingdonshire  Cambridgeshire  England 

Jane Stretton, a twenty year old woman from Ware, is unaware of a fight her father, Thomas Stretton, has had with a cunning man (Anonymous 487). She is visited by the cunning man's wife (Anonymous 322), who offers the young woman "a pot of drink." Innocently, Jane Stretton drinks from this, and is soon after "taken with violent rageing fits, which torment her greviously." However, she does not suspect her fits are caused by Anonymous 322 yet.(3-4)

Appears in:
Y., M.. The Hartford-shire Wonder. London: 1669, 3-4

1669 Hartford    Huntingdonshire  Cambridgeshire  England 

Jane Stretton has a strange and violent fit shortly after giving her neighbour's wife (Anonymous 322) a pin. Anonymous 322 is the wife of a cunning man (Anonymous 487), who was in an argument with Jane Stretton's father Thomas Stretton. This fit is worse than any she experienced before. Her "body swells like a bladder puft up with wind ready to burst," and her limbs are completely distorted. She goes to her Neighbour's house, where "her head being intoxicated by the violency of her fits, she falls down against the door and beats it open," and lies on the floor. (4)

Appears in:
Y., M.. The Hartford-shire Wonder. London: 1669, 4

1669 Hartford    Huntingdonshire  Cambridgeshire  England 

Stretton's neighbour (Anonymous 487) and his wife (Anonymous 322) are believed to have caused the demonic being to torment Jane Stretton, when it is discovered that the cunning man (Anonymous 487) and Jane Stetton's father, Thomas Stretton, had been in an argument. The cunning man and his wife are brought before her while she is having a fit, where fire burns her mouth. Anonymous 322 admits that "she could not have stayed any longer from her."(8-9)

Appears in:
Y., M.. The Hartford-shire Wonder. London: 1669, 8-9

1669 Ware  Ware  Hertfordshire  Hertfordshire  England 

Before their execution, Widow Perry and her sons (Anonymous 92 and Anonymous 93) predict that Master Harrison will return in seven years. After Master Harrison was left in a pit, having been robbed and thrown in by Widow Perry and her sons, he lay for awhile before coming to. Then, not knowing where he was, he "was conveyed to a rock standing in the Sea on the coast of Turkey," where he remained for four days. He was then sold as a slave to a surgeon, for whom he worked as a gardner. When his master died, Master Harrison was able to return to England, and his own dwelling in Cambden, both fulfilling Widow Perry's prophecy and causing "no little astonishment and wonderful amazement of all his Friends and Relations."(7 - 9)

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Power of Witchcraft being a Most Strange but True Relation of the Most Miraculous and Wonderful Deliverance of One Mr. William Harrison. London: 1662, 7 - 9

1669 London  Cambden  London, Greater  London  England