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An Apothecary in London who, via Margaret Russell, is implicated in the bewitchment of Elizabeth Jennings.()

Appears in:
Unknown, . The Bewitchment of Elizabeth Jennings. British Library MS Add. 36674, fols. 134-7. Foster, Donald W., ed. "The Bewitchment of Elizabeth Jennings." Normalized text, ed. D. Foster (1999), from British Library MS Add. 36674, fols. 134-7. Poughkeepsie, NY: Vassar College, 1999.: 1622,

Higgins Mr. Higgins Apothecary

Mr. Salter, a "skilful Apothecary" from Honiton in the county of Devon, who is called in to provide treatment for Elizabeth Brooker's severe leg pain. He evidently "advised them well, whose Counsel they followed, but all in vain."(66, 67, 68, 69)

Appears in:
Baxter, Richard. The Certainty of the Worlds of Spirits and, Consequently, of the Immortality of Souls. London: 1691, 66, 67, 68, 69

Slater Mr. Salter Apothecary

An Apothecary from Salisbury, who sells Anne Styles white arsenic, purportedly to give to Anne Bodenham (who claims she will do counter-magic with it).(5-6)

Appears in:
Bower, Edmond. Doctor Lamb Revived, or, Witchcraft Condemned in Anne Bodenham. London: 1653, 5-6

Anonymous 181 Apothecary

An Apothecary (Anonymous 182) who treats a man (Anonymous 183) by giving him six rolls paper, upon which he has written "Do well, or, All is well." He asks the man to swallow these rolls of paper as a way to internalize the cure.(98-99)

Appears in:
Casaubon, Meric. A Treatise Proving Spirits, Witches, and Supernatural Operations. London: 1672, 98-99

Anonymous 182 Apothecary

A woman from Exeter in the county of Devon, who is allegedly able to help Grace Matthew's husband and a former servant of Dr. Browne's. She gives Grace Matthew a remedy to apply to her sick husband.(151)

Appears in:
Woollcombe, William Cotton, Henry . Gleanings from the Municipal and Cathedral Records Relative to the History of the City of Exeter. Unknown: 1877, 151

Anonymous 210 Apothecary

A man from Hitchin in the county of Hertfordshire (baptized at Raunds, in the county of Northamptonshire), an author, physician, and apothecary, who published a medical compendium, _A Physical Nosonomy (1664)_ and _ Daimonomageia_ (1665) a description of the symptoms of and treatments for witchcraft. Drage provides, in this tract, eye witness testimony about the possession of Mary Hall, and second hand accounts of numerous other bewitchments. Drage's interest in possession and bewitchment may not have been completely academic; he allegedly suffered (not unlike Mart Hall herself) from "poor health throughout his life, being subject to dropsy and convulsions."()

Appears in:
Capp, Bernard. Drage, William (bap. 1636, d. 1668)". Online: http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/8016: 2004,

William Drage William Drage Apothecary

A man from the Borough of Southwark in the county of Greater London, who is an apothecary consulted in secret by Andrew Goodwin, the son of Mr. Goodwin. Mr. Clarke agrees upon seeing the water of Roger Crey, a man who is sick and being cared for Mrs. Pigeon and Mrs. Jones, that that man is beyond recovery but "that if good help had been sought in time, in all probability he might have done well." (14)

Appears in:
Vernon, Samuel . A Brief Relation of the Strange and Unnatural Practices of Wessel Goodwin. London: 1654, 14

Clarke Mr. Clarke Apothecary

A man from Manchester in the county of Greater Manchester, who is summoned to treat Richard Dugdale during one of his alleged fits in Surrey near Lancashire. He and his colleague, Mr. Ainsworth, were unable to help Richard Dugdale recover from his perceived lifeless state.(56)

Appears in:
Jollie, Thomas. A Vindication of the Surey Demoniack as no Imposter. London: 1698, 56

Anonymous 335 Apothecary

A man from Lancaster in the county of Lancashire, who is called with another apothecary from Manchester, to attend to Richard Dugdale in Surrey during one of his alleged fits. He and his colleague are unable to do anything for Richard Dugdale in his perceived lifeless state.(56)

Appears in:
Jollie, Thomas. A Vindication of the Surey Demoniack as no Imposter. London: 1698, 56

Ainsworth Mr. Ainsworth Apothecary