2050 Persons

The WEME project is pleased to announce it has just entered the 2050 person into our database, making this now the largest prosopography of early English witches online today. For more information on some of the 431 witches, 570 victims, and 130 examiners, as well as all those involved in witching, unwitching, watching, diagnosing, fretting, and accusing, please visit Throwing Bones / Reading Leaves. A quick breakdown of persons by type can be located at Brimstone.

Kirsten C. Uszkalo, the PI of the project, would like to take a moment on this auspious occasion to thank her excellent team, including Maica Murphy, Lauren Johnstone, Seyed Mir Taheri, Amy Drybye, and Colette Leung, for their ongoing efforts in making the Witches in Early Modern England such a rich and expansive scholarly resource.

Thanks Team!

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