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Assertions for a specific person.

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James RobinsonA man from Pendle in the county of Lancashire, known to be the husband of Mrs. Robinson and brother of John Robinson, who accused Anne Whittle and Anne Redferne of witchcraft, and was allegedly bewitched to death by Elizabeth Device. According to Robinson, his wife had hired Whittle to card wool six years before, and that the drink from which Whittle drew during the carding not only spoiled, but that any drink he brought into the house spoiled for eight or nine weeks after. He claimed that "the said Anne Whittle, alias Chattox, and Anne Redferne her said Daughter, are commonly reputed and reported to bee Witches," and that Robert Nutter the younger said that Whittle and Redferne had bewitched him, causing his sickness. Device confessed to bewitching Robinson to death; Jennet Device claimed to have heard her mother Elizabeth Device call for her familiar Ball to kill Robinson.(Ev-E2v)The Examination and euidence of IAMES ROBINSON, taken the day and yeare aforesaid. Before ROGER NOWEL Esquire aforesaid, against ANNE WHITTLE, alias CHATTOX, Prisoner at the Barre as followeth. viz. THe said Examinate saith, that about sixe yeares agoe, Anne Whittle, alias Chattox, was hired by this Examinates wife to card wooll; and so vpon a Friday and Saturday, shee came and carded wooll with this Examinates wife, and so the Munday then next after shee came likewise to card: and this Examinates wife hauing newly tunned drinke into Stands, which stood by the said Anne Whittle, alias Chattox: and the said Anne Whittle taking a Dish or Cup, and drawing drinke seuerall times: and so neuer after that time, for some eight or nine weekes, they could haue any drinke, but spoiled, and as this Examinate thinketh was by the meanes of the said Chattox. And further he saith, that the said Anne Whittle, alias Chattox, and Anne Redferne her said Daughter, are commonly reputed and reported to bee Witches. And hee also saith, that about some eighteene yeares agoe, he dwelled with one Robert Nutter the elder, of Pendle aforesaid. And that yong Robert Nutter, who dwelled with his Grand-father, in the Sommer time, he fell sicke, and in his said sicknesse hee did seuerall times complaine, that hee had harme by them: and this Examinate asking him what hee meant by that word Them, He said, that he verily thought that the said Anne Whittle, alias Chattox, and the said Redfernes wife, had bewitched him: and the said Robert Nutter shortly after, being to goe with his then Master, called Sir Richard Shattleworth, into Wales, this Examinate heard him say before his then going, vnto the said Thomas Redferne, that if euer he came againe he would get his Father to put the said Redferne out of his house, or he himselfe would pull it downe; to whom the said Redferne replyed, saying; when you come back againe you will be in a better minde: but he neuer came back againe, but died before Candlemas in Cheshire, as he was comming homeward. ()