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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Hugh MooreA man from Pendle in the County of Lancaster, whom Anne Whittle, alias Chattox, allegedly bewitched to death. According to Alison Device, Whittle had a falling-out with Hugh Moore when he accused her of bewitching his cattle, for which she "did curse and worry the said Moore, and said she would be Reuenged." Moore became sick not long after. He languished for half a year before dying.(E4-E4v)The Examination of ALLIZON DEVICE daughter of ELIZABETH DEVICE: Taken at Reade, in the Countie of Lancaster, the thirtieth day of March, Anno{que} Reg. Regis IACOBI nunc Angliae, &c. Decimo, & Scotiae Quadragesimo quinto. Before ROGER NOVVEL of Reade aforesaid, Esquire, one of his Maiesties Iustices of the Peace, within the said Countie. [...] And she this Examinate further saith, That about sixe or seuen yeares agoe, the said Chattox did fall out with one Hugh Moore of Pendle, as aforesaid, about certaine cattell of the said Moores, which the said Moore did charge the said Chattox to haue bewitched: for which the said Chattox did curse and worry the said Moore, and said she would be Reuenged of the said Moore: whereupon the said Moore presently fell sicke, and languished about halfe a yeare, and then died.()