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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Jennet DeviceA child from the Forest of Pendle in the County of Lancaster, known to be nine years old and the granddaughter of Elizabeth Southerns, daughter of Elizabeth Device and John Device, sister of James Device and Alison Device and niece of Christopher Howgate. Jennet Device was the star witness in the witchcraft trials at Lancaster Assizes, and gave deposition against her entire family and several others, most notably Jennet Preston, whom Device picked out from the crowd at the trial. Her mother, Elizabeth Device, "outragiously cursing, cryed out against the child in such fearefull manner" at the trial for giving witness against her. Device provided a list of names of witches who attended a dinner at Elizabeth's home of Malking Tower, the names and shapes of familiars, and what she had overheard about who had bewitched to death whom. Device also recited two prayers she said Elizabeth had taught her, one to cure the bewitched and one to get drink. Twenty years later, in 1634, Jennet was herself accused of witchcraft. Two witches' marks were allegedly found, and she was convicted of bewitching Isabel Nutter to death; the charges were discredited, but she languished nevertheless in Lancaster Castle until August 1636.(F2-F3)THE ARRAIGNMENT and Triall of ELIZABETH DEVICE (Daughter of ELIZABETH SOTHERNES, alias OLD DEMBDIKE) late wife of Io. DEVICE, of the Forrest of Pendle, in the Countie of Lancaster, widow, for Witchcraft; Vpon Tuesday the eighteenth of August, at the Assises and generall Gaole-Deliuerie holden at Lancaster Before Sir EDVVARD BROMLEY Knight, one of his Maiesties Iustices of Assise at Lancaster. [...] Vpon her Examination although Master Nowel was very circumspect, and exceeding carefull in dealing with her, yet she would confesse nothing, vntill it pleased God to raise vp a yong maid Iennet Deuice, her owne daughter, about the age of nine yeares (a witnesse vnexpected) to discouer all their Practises, Meetings, Consultations, Murthers, Charmes, and Villanies: such, and in such sort, as I may iustly say of them, as a reuerend and learned Iudge of this Kingdome speaketh of the greatest Treason that euer was in this Kingdome, Quis haec posteris sic narrare poterit, vt facta non ficta esse videantur? That when these things shall be related to Posteritie, they will be reputed matters fained, not done. And then knowing, that both Iennet Deuice, her daughter, Iames Deuice, her sonne, and Alizon Deuice, with others, had accused her and layd open all things, in their Examinations taken before Master Nowel, and although she were their owne naturall mother, yet they did not spare to accuse her of euery particular fact, which in her time she had committed, to their knowledge; she made a very liberall and voluntarie Confession, as hereafter shall be giuen in euidence against her, vpon her Arraignment and Triall.()