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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John ClaytonA man from the London Borough of Southwark, who prays for James Barrow, a boy suffering from possession and bewitchment. He participates with John Barrow, Mother Barrow, Richard Webb and Richard Aylmore in fasting and praying for James Barrow, leading to the boy's dispossession, of which he is a witness. (13-14)The 14th of September, 1663. was the second day that they set apart to seek the Lord in behalf of my Child; at which time there were only three exercised in the duty of Prayer, to wit, Iohn Clayton, Rich. Webb, and Rich. Aylmore, except some women (who were spectators) my self and my wife. When they were met, they applied themselves to the Lord in prayer, as they did the day before; in which duty they had spent the greatest part of the day, and the Boy seemed not to be troubled until it grew towards night, and then he fell into a very great Agony, roaring and crying, Legat, Legat many times, and was so outragious, that he was held by two of them; but a little before night, this fit left him, and then they committed him, themselves, and their work into the hands of God, who disposeth all things according to the Counsel of his own will. The answer of this dayes work was, that whereas before he cold not hold a Cup in his hand to drink, but took it in his teeth, before they parted, he took a pot in his hand, and drunk as orderly as. I or any one could, and the next day he read a Chapter without trouble.()