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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Master ThompsonA man from Salmesbury in the county of Lancashire, known to be a Jesuit and a seminary priest, who also goes by the alias Christopher Southworth. He was accused and found guilty of instructing Grace Sowerbuts to accuse Jane Southworth, her grandmother Jennet Bierly, and aunt Ellen Bierly of bewitching her and attending meeting of witches in which they ate strange meat and allowed four things like men to abuse their bodies and Grace's. He is also said to have coached Grace into accusing Jennet and Ellen of driving a nail into the navel of Thomas Walshman's child to suck from the hole, and, after the child died, stealing it from the churchyard to cannibalizing it and render the fat from its bones. He was convicted on the strength of Grace's retraction of her accusations and confession of Thompson's involvement. According to Grace, "one Master Thompson, which she taketh to be Master Christopher Southworth, to whom shee was sent to learne her prayers, did perswade, counsell, and aduise her, to deale as formerly hath beene said against her said Grand-mother, Aunt, and Southworths wife." Jane Southworth said "shee saw Master Thompson, alias Southworth, the Priest, a month or sixe weekes before she was committed to the Gaole; and had conference with him in a place called Barne-hey-lane, where and when shee challenged him for slandering her to bee a Witch." (K3-K3v)THus haue we for a time left the Graund Witches of the Forrest of Pendle, to the good consideration of a verie sufficient Iury of worthy Gentlemen of their Cou[n]trey. We are now come to the famous Witches of Salmesbury, as the Countrey called them, who by such a subtill practise and conspiracie of a Seminarie Priest, or, as the best in this Honorable Assembly thinke, a Iesuite, whereof this Countie of Lancaster hath good store, who by reason of the generall entertainement they find, and great maintenance they haue, resort hither, being farre from the Eye of Iustice, and therefore, Procul a fulmine; are now brought to the Barre, to receiue their Triall, and such a young witnesse prepared and instructed to giue Euidence against them, that it must be the Act of GOD that must be the means to discouer their Practises and Murthers, and by an infant: but how and in what sort Almightie GOD deliuered them from the stroake of Death, when the Axe was layd to the Tree, and made frustrate the practise of this bloudie Butcher, it shall appeare vnto you vpon their Arraignement and Triall, whereunto they are now come. ()