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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 147A man from Winchester Park in the London Borough of Southwark, described as a physician or astrologer who provides John Crump a means of curing his bewitched daughter, Hannah Crump. Anonymous 147 suggests that in order to unwitch Hannah, he would have to take the curse on himself. The curse, he suggests, needs to be carried by someone; if not Hannah, than him, if not him the witch who cursed her would have to carry the curse until her familiars could plague someone else with it. (18)Thus her Father being filled with care and sorrow, knew not well what course to take, but was then advised to have her to a man that lived in Winchester Park in Southwark; which advice he accepted of, and went to the said man with his Daughter; and after some time of discourse and consideration he (professing some skill in Astrologie) told them she was bewitched, and that if he did take her in hand he would have five pound, ye could not promise perfect cure: For (said he) if I cannot be strong enough for the Witch, after I have taken the affliction from the Maiden I must bear it my self; but if I can be strong enough for the Witch, she must bear it, till she dispose of it to some other, for none of her Familiars will bear it. The Father of the Maid having received this Answer, had no encouragement to make use of him.()