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Assertions for a specific person.

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Peter ChaddockA man from Windle in the county of Lancashire, known to be the husband of Mrs. Chaddock, who claimed to be bewitched by Isabel Robey. According to Chaddock, he had a falling out with Robey as she "was not pleased that hee should marrie his now wife: whereupon this Examinate called the said Isabel Witch, and said that hee did not care for her." He alleged that two days later, he was afflicted with a pain in his bones, but mended not long after. Four years after that, his wife argued with Isabelle, and he was afflicted with a pain in his neck for five days, was intensely thirsty, and felt hot throughout his body. He claimed that he only mended when James the Glover brought him a drink and prayed for him. The pain in his bones reoccured the year before the trial, and he was convinced Robey was behind it. (T3-T3v)The Examination of PETER CHADDOCK of Windle, in the Countie of Lancaster: Taken at Windle aforesaid, the 12. day of Iuly 1612. Anno Reg. Regis IACOBI, Angliae, &c. decimo & Scotiae xlv. Before Sir THOMAS GERRARD Knight, and Barronet. One of his Maiesties Iustices of the Peace within the said Countie. THe said Examinate vpon his Oath saith, That before his Marriage hee heard say that the said Isabel Robey was not pleased that hee should marrie his now wife: whereupon this Examinate called the said Isabel Witch, and said that hee did not care for her. Then within two dayes next after this Examinate was sore pained in his bones: And this Examinate hauing occasion to meete Master Iohn Hawarden at Peaseley Crosse, wished one Thomas Lyon to goe thither with him, which they both did so; but as they came home-wards, they both were in euill case. But within a short time after, this Examinate and the said Thomas Lyon were both very well amended. And this Examinate further saith, that about foure yeares last past, his now wife was angrie with the said Isabel, shee then being in his house, and his said Wife thereupon went out of the house, and presently after that the said Isabel went likewise out of the house not well pleased, as this Examinate then did thinke, and presently after vpon the same day, this Examinate with his said wife working in the Hay, a paine and a starknesse fell into the necke of this Examinat which grieued him very whereupon this Examinate sent to one Iames a Glouer, which then dwelt in Windle, and desired him to pray for him, and within foure or fiue dayes next after this Examinate did mend very well. Neuerthelesse this Examinate during the same time was very sore pained, and so thirstie withall, and hot within his body, that hee would haue giuen any thing hee had, to haue slaked his thirst, hauing drinke enough in the house, and yet could not drinke vntill the time that the said Iames the Glouer came to him, and this Examinate then said before the said Glouer, I would to God that I could drinke, where upon the said Glouer said to this Examinate, take that drinke, and in the name of the Father, the Sonne, and the Holy Ghost, drinke it, saying; The Deuill and Witches are not able to preuaile against GOD and his Word, whereupon this Examinate then tooke the glasse of drinke, and did drinke it all, and afterwards mended very well, and so did continue in good health, vntill our Ladie day in Lent was twelue moneth or thereabouts, since which time this Examinate saith, that hee hath beene sore pained with great warch in his bones, and all his limmes, and so yet continueth, and this Examinate further saith, that his said warch and paine came to him rather by meanes of the said Isabel Robey, then otherwise, as he verily thinketh.()