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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Jane WilkinsonA woman from Windle in the county of Lancashire, known to be the wife of Francis Wilkinson, who accused Isabel Robey of bewitching her. According to Wilkinson, Robey asked her milk and she refused to give any; Wilkinson became afraid of Robey and was sick shortly thereafter, accompanied by such pain that she could not stand. The next day, Wilkinson travelled to Warrington, and on the road felt a sudden pinch on her thigh, after which she was so sick she had to return home on horseback. She soon mended, however. According to Margaret Parre, Robey confessed to her that she had bewitched Wilkinson.(T4)The Examination of IANE WILKINSON, Wife of FRANCIS WILKINSON, of Windle aforesaid: Taken before the said Sir THOMAS GERRARD, Knight and Barronet, the day and place aforesaid. Against the said ISABEL ROBEY. THe said Examinate vpon her oath saith, that vpon a time the said Isabel Robey asked her milke, and shee denied to giue her any: And afterwards shee met the said Isabel, whereupon this Examinate waxed afraid of her, and was then presently sick, and so pained that shee could not stand, and the next day after this Examinate going to Warrington, was suddenly pinched on her Thigh as shee thought, with foure fingers & a Thumbe twice together, and thereupon was sicke, in so much as shee could not get home but on horse-backe, yet soone after shee did mend.()