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Assertions for a specific person.

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Mary MooreA woman from Spital in the County of Northumberland, known to be the author of "Wonderfull Newes from the North," the mother of Margaret Muschamp, George Muschamp Jr., Betty Muschamp and Sibilia Moore, the widow of George Muschamp and the wife of Edward Moore. Mary Moore's children Margaret, George and Betty were all allegedly bewitched by Dorothy Swinow and John Hutton; Swinow was also accused of causing Moore's daughter Sibilia to die in infancy. Moore consulted doctors on behalf of her children, and brought two drops of John Hutton's blood to Margaret when the child became convinced she required it to recover. Moore campaigned to have both Hutton and Swinow tried for the bewitchment of her children.(Preface)WIth a sad heart I present unto thee the ensuing Discourse, not out of malice to the person of any, but to shew the great mercy of Almighty God, and to magnifie his glorious Name for preservation of Me and my Children, and for delivering us from those extreame torments and miseries wherewith by Diabolicall meanes we have beene afflicted. In prosecution of which sad Story, I have delivered nothing but Truth, as is testified by very many people of great Ranke and Quality, as also by Divines, Phisitians, and numbers of other people, who have beene sad Spectators of our Miseries. Beseeching the Almighty God to deliver thee and all good Christian People from the like Miseries, and Torments, which have happened unto Me, and my poore innocent Children. Thine, Mary Moore. ()