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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Betty MuschampA girl from Spital in the County of Northumberland, known to be the eldest daughter of Mary Moore and her first husband George Muschamp, the sister to Margaret Muschamp and George Muschamp Jr., and the half-sister to Sibilla Moore. After Margaret had been afflicted with her fits for about a year and her brother George Muschamp Jr. had also become afflicted with illness and pain, Margaret predicted that if there was no justice against Dorothy Swinow (the woman accused of being behind the afflictions), Betty too would became afflicted. This proved prophetic and Betty became the worst afflicted of the three. Margaret also claimed that if Swinow was brought to justice, all the afflictions would end, and if there were no justice, they would become sicker than ever before. Margaret White, in her confession, alleged that Swinow and Jane Martin were responsible for the afflictions of the Muschamp children. (14)So their Mother not daring to disobey such divine commands, whose confidence doth wholly depend upon Gods providence from Heaven, rid behinde her sonne, and came to the Judge, relating her sad condition; he heard her, but being falsely informed, did not resent it: she went to the Justices to remove DOROTHY SVVINOVVS body to the County where the act was committed: they pretended ignorance, the childrens mother went with them to a Counsellour to instruct them, whose answer was he would not meddle in it: Yet these dejectments did not drive her from an undoubted confidence in an all sufficient God; the next day betweene one and two of the Clock in the afternoone the Girle suddainely had a fit and after her torments her Angels appeared unto her, to them she complaines, saying, no Justice abroad, no Peace at home, what should become of her mother? for that Godlesse thiefe DOROTHY SVVINOVV, by the instigation of the Divell, had hardned the heart of both Judges and Justices against her, and now at this instant (sayd she) is using meanes to harden her husbands heart against her too (which she knowes will be cruellest to her of all) and withall begun to consume her eldest sister, and that she would this night, or to morrow morning go to the Judge, begge once more for Justice; if she got it, her Brother with the rest should be well, if not, worse then ever; saying, if the Judge denyed her it, it would not be well with him; this was part of her two houres discourse.()