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Assertions for a specific person.

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George Muschamp Jr. A boy from Spital in the County of Northumberland, known to be the eldest son of Mary Moore and her first husband George Muschamp, the brother to Margaret Muschamp and Betty Muschamp, and the half-brother to Sibilla Moore. After his sister Margaret had been afflicted with her fits for about a year, George Muschamp Jr. allegedly also became afflicted with illness and pain while "both his stomack and the use of his legs taken from him." He subsisted on milk, water and sour milk, consuming away; he nevertheless retained his spirits and would talk and laugh with friends. The doctors predicted he had a month to live. According to Margaret, John Hutton and Dorothy Swinow were responsible for his wasting, and that two drops of blood from either of them would save his life. Mary Moore got blood from Hutton for George Jr., and Hutton used the opportunity to cast sole blame on Swinow. Margaret also claimed that if Swinow was brought to justice, her brother's illness would end and if there were no justice, he would become sicker than ever before. Margaret White, in her confession, alleged that Swinow and Jane Martin were responsible for the afflictions of the Muschamp children. (4-5)Her eldest Brother upon S. Johns day at night in the Christmas following betwixt the houres of 1. and 2. was taken exceedingly ill, that it was thought he would not live: the next morning he was a little eased of his extremity and pain, but both his stomack and the use of his legs taken from him, so that he was forced to have help to put on his cloathes, was lifted into a chaire where he sat all day long, but could neither eate nor drinke any thing, but a little milke or water, or sowre milke. He consumed away to nothing, yet not heart-sicke; but would reason, talke and laugh with any friend as if nothing ayled him. His mother now being prest downe with sorrow, sent to the Doctors both at Newcastle. Durham, and Edenborough, not doubting or suspecting any unnaturall Disease; the Physitians all agreed by the course of nature he could not live a month to an end, which was sad newes to his sorrowfull Mother, God knowes.()