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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
King Charles IMonarch of England. Appears here because William Harvey serves as his physician.(285)The good doctor, upon the woman's returne, who found him busy in observing what the toad would doe in the pickle hee had put him in, was in danger to have a more magical face than hee had before, and habit too; the woman let or rather threw downe the pitcher of ale, flew like a tigris at his face; 'twas well hee had nothing but bare bones and tough tanned skin, neyther hair nor bearde, and 'twas well his eyes were out of reach, well guarded with prominent bones, otherways it had gone ill with him; but for his short very short old black coat, that scaped not so well, that pay'd for killing the poor woman's divell. The doctor intreeted fayrly, offered money, would have persuaded 'twas not a divell, but a meer toad. That way not prevayling, hee turned his tale, sayd hee was the King's phisitian, sent by the King to discover whether indeed shee was a witch; if a witch, to have her apprehended; if not, to undeceave her, if hee could. ()