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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Katheren PalmerA midwife who examines Frances Dickenson, Mary Spencer, Margaret Johnson, and Jennet Hargreaves at Surgeon's Hall under the supervision Dr. William Harvey.(129-130)July 2. 9. Certificate of William Clowes, Alexander Baker, and five other Surgeous' Hall, Surgeons, and of ten certificated Mid wives, to [the same]. Under [...] Harvey, and in his presence, they have inspected the women lately brought up from Lancaster, and find on the bodies of Janet Hargraves, Frances Dicconson, and Mary Spencer nothing unnatural nor anything like a teat or mark. On the body of Margaret Johnson they find two things which may be called teats, the firstin shape like the teat of a bitch, but in their judgment nothing but the skin drawn out as it will be after the piles on application of leeches ; the second is like the nipple or teat of a'woman's breast, but without any hollowness or issue for any blood or juice to come from thence()