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Assertions for a specific person.

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Joan PecheyJoan Pechey is a woman who lived in St. Osyth, in the county of Essex for at least eleven years and who claims to be somewhere above sixty years old before and the mother of Phillip Barrenger. She is allegedly described by Widow Barnes, via her daughter Margerie Sammons, as "skilfull and cunning in witcherie," and a woman who could both do "as much as the said mother Barnes," or "any other in this towne of S. Osees." She allegedly bewitched Johnson, the Collector and distributer of alms after her gave her "bread was to hard baked for her," she being an old woman, presumably should have received a softer loaf and the harder bread should have been given to "a gyrle or another, and not to her." She denies any involvement in witchcraft and denies Mother Barnes had any either. She also denies the accusations of incest between herself and her twenty three year old son, Phillip Barrenger, who confessed that "manye times and of late hee hath layne in naked bed with his owne mother, being willed and commaunded so to doe of her." Although Margarey Sammon allegedly sent her familiars (formerly her mother's two familiars) Tom and Robbyn skipping and leaping off to Pechey's home, and Ales Hunt claimed that she had heard Pechey scolding her spirits, saying"yea are you so sawsie? are yee so bolde? you were not best to bee so bolde with mee: For if you will not bee ruled, you shall haue Symonds sause, yea saide the saide Ioan, I perceiue if I doe giue you an inch, you you will take an ells," Pechey likewise denied these charges. She claimed she indeed had pets, a kitten and a dog, but no "Puppettes, Spyrites or Maumettes." Although she was "committed to prison for suspicion of felony and upon inquisition," she was released by proclamation. (C5-C6)The Examination and confession of Ioane Pechey widdowe, taken before mee Brian Darcie Esquire, the xxv. of February. This Examinate Ioan Pechey beeing asked how olde shee was, saith, shee is threescore yeares and vpwardes: And saith that shee hath dwelt in the Towne of S. Oseys aboue xl. yeares: And saith she knew Mother Barnes, and she knewe her to bee no witch, or that she euer heard her to bee accompted, or to haue skill in any witchery. And she being asked whether shee was with her when she lay vpon her death bed, saith that she was not. This Examinate also denyeth, that she hath or euer had any Puppettes, Spyrites or Maumettes: Or that shee had any Spirites, which she bought, or were conueyed vnto her by Margerie Barnes, or sent by any other sithence the death of Mother Barnes. This Examinate also denyeth, that euer shee sayde to any of her neighbours, or to any other person in secrete sorte or meerely, that she knew or could tell what any man in the Towne at aany time dyd or sayed, when she her selfe listed, or would know. This Examinate saith, that she neuer vsed any of those speaches, which Ales Hunte hath enformed against her, As yea art thou so sawsie? art thou so boulde? thou were not best to bee so bould, for if thou beist, thou shalt haue Simonds sauce. This examinate being asked, what she thought of the sodaine death of Iohnson the Collector, saith, he was a very honest man, and dyed very sodainly: And saith she heard, that one Lurkin shoulde saye, that hee heard Iohnson to saye, that Mother Newman had beewitched him. And beeing asked of whome shee heard it, shee aunswered shee coulde not tell: And sayth that shee her selfe neuer vsed anye harde speaches against the sayde Iohnson. This Examinate beeing charged to haue willed her Sonne Phillip Barrenger, beeing of the age of xxiii. yeares to lye in hedde with her, denyeth that shee had so doone, other then shee had willed him at some tymes to lye vppon the bedde at her backe. But the saide Phyllyppe beeing examined, confesseth and saith, that manye times and of late hee hath layne in naked bed with his owne mother, being willed and commaunded so to doe of her. This Examinate beeing asked, whether she had any Cat in her house, sayth that shee hath a Kyttyn, and a little Dogge. And beeing asked, what coulour the Kyttyn was of, shee this Examinate sayed she could not tell, saying yee maye goe and see.()