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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mr. DuxburyA man, working as a jury, who circulates a petition on behalf of Mr. Dickenson for the arrest of Edmund Robinson Jr.(153)[July 16.] 96. Petition of Edmund Robinson, a poor distressed prisoner in the Gatehouse, to Sec. Windebank. Has been imprisoned since the 28th June in great want, having neither money nor friends, and being almost 200 miles from his poor house. Is ignorant of the cause of his imprisonment, but is informed that it is by reason of a petition against him by Mr. Duxbury, one of the jury, when the prisoners that are condemned for witchcraft were found guilty. Petitioner never gave evidence against them, nor prosecuted them. He has been told that Duxbury has received money from John Dicconson to prosecute the business for his wife. What he alleges against petitioner is only for his own benefit, and to gain money. Petitioner prays that he may appear and answer before Windebank to what Duxbury shall object, and that order may be given for his releasement. ()