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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Henry TempestA juror in the case agasint Mary Sykes.(28-29)XXII. MARY SYKES AND ANOTHER. FOR AVITCIICRAFT. March 18, 1649-50. Before Henry Tempest, Esq. Dorothy Rodes, of Boiling, wido[w], saith, thatt, upon Sonday night was a seavennight, she and Sara Rodes, her dawghter, with a litle childe, lay all in bedd together; and, after theire first sleepe, sheheareing the saide Sara quakeing and holding her hands together, she asked her what she ailed, and she answered " A, mother, Sikcs wife came in att a hole att the bedd feete, and upon the bedd, and tooke me by the throate, and wold have put her fingers in my mowtli, and wold needes clioake me." And, this informant asking her why she did not speake, she answered she cold not speake for thatt the saide Mary Sykes fumbled about her throate and tooke her left syde thatt she cold not speake. * Another curious story of witchcraft. I shall make no comment upon it. What a picture of credulity and folly it discloses. The depositions contain some curious local words. The poor women deny all acquaintance with the crimes imputed to thorn. At the assizes the bill against Susan Beaumont was ignored, and Mary Sykes was acquitted. ()