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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Joan BoothA woman, the wife of Wm. Booth from Warmfield in Yorkshire who accuses Margaret Morton of bewitching her son. She claims that her son became ill after Margaret Morton bewitched him. Morton offered him a piece of bread which made the child become ill almost immediately. Her son started to heal after Morton asked for forgiveness and she (Joan Booth) drew blood from him. (38)XXIX. MARGARET MORTON. FOR WITCHCRAFT. 10 Jan. 1650-1. Wakefield. Before Sir John Savile, Kt. Alex. Johnson, Hemy Tempest, John Stanhope, and John Hewley, Esqrs. Joane [w]ife of Wm. Booth, of Warmfeild, saith that [M]argaret Morton,* of Kirkethorpe, came to her house, and gave her sonn (about fower yeares old) and then in good health and likeing, a peece of bread ; after which time her said childe begann to bee sicke, and his body swelled very much, and his flesh did daly after much waste, till he could neither goe nor stand. This informant, mistrusting that the said Margaret Morton had bewitch her child, did send for her, who asked the child forgivenesse three times, and then this informant drew bloud of her with a pin, and imediately after the child amended.()