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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Thomas RennerdThe constable of Redness in the coutny of Yorkshire who testifies against Elizabeth Lambe. Rennerd explains that his wife suspected Elizabeth Lambe of bewitching his child. Then, one day, Lambe allegedly showed up at the Rennerd's doorstep and when Rennerd's wife opened the door, Lambe fell to her knees and asked for forgiveness. The child got better shortly after.(58)Thomas Rennerd, constable of Reednes, saith, that he had a child sick in 1651, and his wife said, " I feare this wife (meaninge Eliz. Lambe) hath wronged my child," and then, not long after, his wife meeting the said Eliz. at her owne doore, she did fall downe on her knees, and asked her forgivenesse, and the child did scone after recover.()