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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Nicholas BaldwinA man from Redness in the county of Yorkshire who accuses Elizabeth Lambe of having drowned his foals. Baldwin was said to be sick "in bodye" testified that because Elizabeth Lambe had allegedly murdered his foals by witchcraft, he beat her with his cane and that were it not for his wife who got on her knees and begged him for forgiveness, he would have done much worse.(58)Nicholas Baldwin, of Rednes, beinge sicke in bodye, saith, " This Eliz. Lamb, about the year 1648, drunde me thre younge foles ever as they were foled, by witchcraft. Sir, I did beat hir with me cain, and had it not beene for my wife, because she sat doune of hir knesse and aske me forgivenes, I had bet her worse." ()