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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John WrightA man from Redness in the county of Yorkshire who accuses Elizabeth Lambe of having caused Richard Brown of Redness to become ill and die. While sick, Brown told Wreight that he was "cruelly handled at the heart with one Elizabeth Lambe." He added that she drew blood from his heart and wanted him to send for her to come to his house because he wanted to scratch her. He surmised that if he could scratch her and draw blood from her, his condition would improve. So, when Elizabeth Lambe is brought to him, Brown says to Lambe that she has wronged him and asks why he has done so. He concludes by saying that if she would do no more, he would forgive her. Lambe does not respond and so Wreight relates that Browne scratches her until she bled. He died within a week and complained all the while until he died that Elizabeth Lambe had caused his death.(58)John Wreightwas with one Kichard Browne of Reednes in the time of his sicknes, and he said that he was cruelly handled at the heart with one Elizabeth Lambe, and that she drew his heart's blood from him, and did desire this informant to send for her to come to his house, for he desired to scratch her, saying that she had drowne blood of him, and, if he could draw blood of her, he hoped he should amend. And she, being brought by a wile, the said Browne said, " Bes, thou hast wronged me. Why dost thou soe? If thou wilt doe soe no more I will forgive thee." And she answ^ered nothing. He then scratched her till the blood came, but within a weeke after he died ; and all the time of his sicknes he complained to this informant that if he died at this time Eliz. Lambe was the causer of his death. ()