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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John AshtonA juror in the case against Anne Greene.(64)LXIII. ELIZABETH ROBERTS. FOR WITCHCRAFT. Oct. 14, 1654. John Greendife, of Beverlei, sayth, that on Saturday last, about seaven in the evening, Elizabeth Roberts did appeare to him in her usuall wearing clothes, with a ruff about her neck, and, presently vanishing, turned herself into the similitude of a catt, which fixed close about his leg, and, after much strugling, vanished ; whereupon he was much pained at his heart. Upon Wednesday there seized a catt upon his body, which did strike him on the head, upon which he fell into a swound or traunce- After he received the blow, he saAv the said Elizabeth escape upon a wall in her usuall wearing apparell. Upon Thursday she appeared unto him in the likenesse of a bee, which did very much afHict him, to witt, in throwing of his body from place to place, notwithstanding there were five or six persons to hold him downe. ()