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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John TattersonA man from Gargreave in the county of Yorkshire who testifies against Anne Greene before John Ashton and Edgar Coats. He claims that two weeks after Christmas, he became "disabled in body" and that one night he was troubled by spirits who advised him to worship the enemy, all of which were visible except Anne Greene. The spirits appeared to him at least four times (possibly on different dates). As a result, Tatterson approached Anne Greene, telling her that he wanted to sanctify and purify her heart as well as "worketh out the carnal part" thus leading to her salvation. (64)LIX. ANNE GREENE. FOR WITCHCRAFT, ETC. Feb. 16, 1653-4. Before John Assheton and Eoger Coats, Esqrs. John Tatterson, of Gargreave, saith, that, about a forthnight after Christmas last, he was disabled in body; and one night in his father's house hee was troubled with ill spiretts, who would have advised him to worshippt the enemye. Whereof all were in visable, saveinge Ann Greene.* Butt this informant replied, " The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh awaye, blessed bee His name." for he would give noc waye to their perswasions, though they tormented him att least foure times. Whereuppon this informant went to the said Ann, tellinge her that hee was pers waded that sanctifieth and purifieth the heart, and worketh out the carnal part. Shewing the way that leadeth to Salvation." London, 1653. By Rich. Farnworth, a Quaker, with an address at the end hy " James Nayler, a prisoner at Appleby in Westmorland for the truth's sake." pp. 16, 4to. ()