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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Margaret WadeA woman, presumably from Gargreave in the county of Yorkshire, who claims that she saw both Mary Nunweeke and Anne Greene appear to her in the shape of dogs. According to Wade, her daughter Elizabeth fell from her bed one night and when she, Wade, came to attend to her daughter, she saw a great bitch sitting at the foot of her daughter's bed. the bitch had two feet and held in its mouth a dish. Afterwards, she said she saw three dogs, one of which was Anne Greene and another which was Mary Nunweeke.(64)Margaret Wade saith, that her doughtcr Elizabeth, beeinge laid uppon her bedd, fell a lougliinge, and this informant runeinge to her took her upp, and she said that she saw a great bitch with a dish in her mouth, haveinge two feete, and that she sate one the bedstoope. And afterwards she said shee saw three doggs that came and scrapt aboute her bed, and said tliat Ann Greene was one of them, and Mary Nunweeke the other. ()