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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John HatfieldA man from Rhodes in the county of Yorkshire who claims Katherine Earle struck him in the neck as well as his mare. Hatfield testifies that about August last Katherine Earle struck him in the neck and his mare with a "docken stalke." The mare immediately became sick and died and he became troubled by pain in his neck. (69)LXVI. KATHERINE EARLE. FOR WITCHCRAFT. Jan. 11, 1654-5. Before John Hewley, Esq. Henry Hatefeild, of Rhodes, par. Modwell, [...]., sayeth, that about August last, Katherine Earle * struck him on the neck with a docken stalke, or such like thing, and his maire upon the necke also, whereupon his maire imediately fell sicke and dyed, and he himselfe was very sore troubled and perplexed with a paine in. his necke. Whereupon Ann, the daughter of the said Katharine, seing him so pained, tould him, " Doth the divell nipp the in the necke? but he will nipp the better yet." And the said Katherine hathe beene searched, and a marke founde upon her in the likenesse of a papp. And the said Katherine clapt one Mr. Franke, late of Rhodes, betwene the shoulders with her hand, and said, "You are a pretty gentleman; will you kissemee?" Wherupon the said Mr. Franke fell sicke before he gott home, and never went out of doore after, but dyed, and complained much asfainst the said Katherine on his death-bed.()