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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 176She is a woman from Manningtree in the county of Essex described as a midwife who, along with a Matron, claims to have searched Rebecca West, Margaret Landis, Susan Cock, and Rose Hallybread for witch's marks and found "several large Teates in the secret Parts of their Bodies." (6-7)A Midwife and other Women Deposed in Court that searching the Bodies of the Prisoners, they found several large Teates in the secret Parts of their Bodies: and at the same time asking them, how they came there, they both made Answer, that the Devils Imps had done it However upon their Tryals, they deny'd each Particular, alledging that they were not then in their Sences, and seemed both to weep and howl, tho not one Tear could be descovered to fall from their Eyes()