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Assertions for a specific person.

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Mr. SalterMr. Salter, a "skilful Apothecary" from Honiton in the county of Devon, who is called in to provide treatment for Elizabeth Brooker's severe leg pain. He evidently "advised them well, whose Counsel they followed, but all in vain."(66, 67, 68, 69)A true Relation from Honyton, in the County of Devon, concerning Witchcraft. Kingston upon Thames, Sept. 6. 1681. About nine or ten Years since, in the House of Mrs. Hieron, of Honyton, Widow, there happened this strange Instance of Witchcraft following. This Widow Hieron, a Person of good Quality, kept a Mercer's Shop, and (I think) doth to this day, in Honyton. She had a Maid-Servant, Elizabeth Brooker by Name, who sold Small Wares in a Stall before her Mistresses Door. On Saturday, which was their Market-day, a certain Woman of Honyton Town came to the said Elizabeth Brooker, (selling Wares at the Stall aforesaid), and asked her for a Pin. The Maid readily gave her a Pin from her Sleeve; but this Pin did not satisfie, she would have a Pin of a bigger sort, out of a Paper which hung up to sell. The Maid told her, those Pins were not hers to give, she must ask her Mistress; and when she had Orders, she would give her her Desire. The Woman asked her again, and again; and Elizabeth did as often deny. The Woman went away in a great Fume and Rage, and told the Maid, she should hear farther from her, she would e'er long wish she had given her the Pin she desired; with many threatning Speeches, which the Maid took little notice of, (though the Woman was of an ill Report) Now, the next Day being the Lord's Day, while her Mistress and the Family were at Dinner, and Elizabeth Brooker waiting at the Table, on a sudden the Maid gave a very great Cry, and told them, she had a Pin thrust into her Thigh, which few of the Family did believe, knowing there was no Person in the Room beside her self, and the Family, who all sate at Meat, she only standing to attend them. Her Mistress arose from Table, and Mr. Samuel Hieron's Wife, (who was then living.) She was forced to go to Bed; they sent for a Midwife of the Town, who had skill in Sores and Wounds: She saw there had been some small Hurt in the Skin, but the Pin was out of sight; and feeling so as to understand what it was, or exactly where, the Midwife applied her rare Plaister of Venice-Turpentine all that Night, and many other things the next Day, but the Pain was still the same. On the Tuesday they advised with Mr. Salter, a skilful Apothecary in the Town, who advised them well, whose Counsel they followed, but all in vain. On Wednesday, the same Week, they, with great Trouble and Pain, brought her to Exeter, and lodged her at Mr. Iohn Hoppin's, a worthy Minister of the Gospel, who lived in Gaudies-Lane. They called me to her, to advise what to do to ease her Pain. I designed a Suppurative Cataplasm, but nothing would satisfie the Maid, but cutting of it out; which was somewhat difficult, because it was hard to find the place exactly, where to make the Incision; but the Courage of the Patient did greatly promote the Operation. I made a large Incision, according to the length of the Muscles; and though I could find no sign of the Pin upon the first Incision, yet by putting my Incision-knife obliquely, I felt the Pin, and brought it out, near an Inch within the Cutis; and upon that there was great Ease, and in fifteen Days the Sore was whole. This Operation was performed in the presence of Mrs. Hoppin, Mrs. Gold, Mrs. Ford, and many worthy Persons, of good Reputation. And I dare presume, If this Paper be sent to Honyton, to Mr. Samuel Hieron, Minister of the Gospel, he will have it sufficiently attested concerning the first part of the Story, and none can tell the second part better than my self, who performed the Operation: And the Truth of that I give under my Hand this 6th Day of September, Anno Dom. 1681. Anthony Smith, Chyrurgus Kingston. ()