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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Elizabeth TorwoodA woman who testifies against Elizabeth Stile, and who, along with four other women search Elizabeth Stile for witch's marks. When the women find a mark, they prick it with a pin, leaving it in the mark for others to see.(145)8. Exam. Eliz. Torwood of Bayford, Examined Feb. 7. 1664. before Rob. Hunt Esq concerning the mark sound about Eliz. Style after her Confession, Deposeth, That she together with Catharine White, Mary Day, Mary Bolster, and Bridget Prankard, did a little after Christmas last, search Eliz. Style, and that in her Poll they found a little rising which felt hard like a Kernel of Beef, whereupon they suspecting it to be an ill mark, thrust a Pin into it, and having drawn it out, thrust it in again the second time, leaving it sticking in the flesh for some time, that the other Women might also see it. ()