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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 181An Apothecary from Salisbury, who sells Anne Styles white arsenic, purportedly to give to Anne Bodenham (who claims she will do counter-magic with it).(5-6)And in a short time after, Mistriss Rosewel sent her again to the Witch, to know of her when the day should be, that Mistriss Goddard should be poysoned, and delivered her eight shillings to give the Witch, so the Maid went again to the Witch accordingly, and gave her the eight shillings, and the Witch replyed she could not tell her then, but gave the Maid one shilling, and bid her go to an Apothecary, and buy some white Arsenick, and bring it to her to prevent it, which the Maid did, and carryed it to the Witch, who said to her she would take it and burn it, to prevent the poysoning, but she burnt it not as the Maid could see at all; then the Maid returned home, and told Master Mason and Mistriss Rosewel what she had done, who laughed at it. ()