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Assertions for a specific person.

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Richard GalisA man from Windsor in the county of Berkshire, known to be the son of the Mayor of Windsor Master Galis, brother to James Galis, and the author of "A brief treatise containing the most strange and horrible cruelty of Elizabeth Stile alias Rockingham and her confederates, executed at Abingdon, upon R. Galis." This pamphlet contains a full account of his alleged bewitchment at the hands of Elizabeth Stile (alias Rockingam), his meeting with Mother Dutton, his life at sea, and his return home.(2-3)AS thou hast all ready moste (gentle Reader begun to satisfie thy greedye eyes with the freendly suruey of the late confession of Elizabeth Stile alias Rockingam, comprehending not a handful to the number of their deuilish pagea[n]ts played. So perseuer still I beseech thee with no lesse good will to peruse this true edition for thy sake and contentatio[n] only set foorth describing the strange, cruell and diabolicall tiranny practised through the little regarde and great necligence of Magistrates in these our dayes winking at ye faultes of the Offenders which neither regarded the pitteful plaints of the tormented, nor the continuall plagues of the Tormentor powred out day by day vpon their honest and inocent Neighboures, some bereft of life, some of their wits and some of the naturall course of their lims. Emongst which I being one of the least that suffered moste and oftnest went to ye pot, thought it good to set foorth some parte bothe of mine owne troubles and of diuers others for thy behoof, in reuolui[n]g wherof, if iro[n] my ha[n]ds thou expect for my philed phrase or lerned stile being but misled vp in a homely cuntrie Cabbin where the practise of the stayle and whip more riper is then lernings lore, thou shalt greatly be deceiued. But if a plain Shepherds tale neither prophane or fained, oftner occupied in the tarbox and sheephook, Instruments more fit for me then either pen or inck may serue thy turn: receiue thy desire. Employe therfore thy paines in pervsing the same, and if any thing thou find that either presently co~tenteth thy minde or that herafter prooue to thy proffit: giue thanks to them (and not to me) at whose instance I framed the same, which do on in requitall of my paines: I haue that which I doo expect. Thus farwel gentle Reader. RG. [...] they caused their Familiars without the which they could not doo any thing, to stirre vp and against me to incence the Maior and Burgesses of the towne of Windesor (wherof my father whilst he liued was a chef member) who without any offe~ce committed, any hurt pretended, or complaint made against me, clapped me vp in Prison fast locked in a dep dungion, into the which I was let vp and downe with a rope laden wt as many gyues and manacles as either my legges could cary or my hands be able to beare, there to remain without baile, vntil their further pleasure were therin had, a crueltie more woorthy for a traytor or a murderer then for any true subiect to God & to his Prince.()