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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Henry BustA man from Windsor in the county of Berkshire, known to be a student of physic, who participates in the brutal intimidation of alleged witches Mistress Audrey, Elizabeth Stile, Mother Dutton and Mother Devell, by "holding a good cudgel over their backs" as Richard Galis demanded they not attempt to lie, but rather tell what ailed Robert Handley and ease his grief.(Image 6)I we[n]t forth with out any woord speaking, and amongst the crue of these helhounds I gat me and within one half houre after God being my help: I brought foure before him, whose names ensue, videllicet Audrey the Mistresse, Elizabeth Stile allias Mother Rockingham, Mother Dutton and Mother Deuil, all which foure I caused to knele downe before the said Maister Handley and one Maister Henry Bust Studient in Phisick (charging them holding a good cudgel ouer their backs) as euer they would passe thence a liue, not only to tel what the said Maister Handley ayled: but also to ease him of his gref, to whome they replied vsing many excuses, that they neither could tel him his desease much lesse to help him therof. ()