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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 198A cunning woman who John RIvet consults regarding his wife's (Mrs. RIvet) violent fits. Anonymous 198 informs John Rivet that his wife has been bewitched by two of his neighbours.(5)THE INFORMATION of John Rivet of Mannintree, Tay- ler, taken before Sir Harbottell Grimston, Knight and Baronet, one of the Members of the Honourable House of Commons: And Sir Thomas Bowes, Knight, another of his Majesties Justices of Peace for this County, the 21th of March. 1645. This Informant saith, That about Christmas last, his wife was taken sicke, and lame, with such violent fits, that this Informant verily conceived her sicknesse was something more then meerly naturall: Whereupon this Informant about a fortnight since went to a Cunning Woman, the wife of one Hovye at Hadleigh in Suffolke, who told this Informant, that his wife was cursed by two women who were neere neighbours to this Informant, the one dwelling a little above his house, and the other beneath his house, this Informants house standing on the side of an Hill: Whereupon he believed his said wife was bewitched by one Elizabeth Clarke, alias Bedingfield, that dwelt above this Informants house, for that the said Elizabeths mother and some other of her kinsfolke did suffer death for Witchcraft and murther. ()