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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Edmund NewtonA man from Norfolk who is a shoe maker and a seller of Holland cheese. When his trade in dairy products threatens Mary Smith's, he finds himself the victim of supernatural torments, manifest as a "madnesse or phrensie," a body "benummed," and "pains and greifes from which hee is not yet freed." He twice attempts countermagic against Smith, once burning her familiar to burn her, and once trying to scratch her, but finding himself unable to. (57-59)Her wicked practise against Edmund Newton. THe fourth on dammaged by this Hagge, was one Edmund Newton: the discontentment did arise from this ground; Because hee had bought seuerall bargaines of Holland cheese, and sold them againe, by which she thought her benefit to be somewhat impaired, vsing the like kinde of trading. The manner of her dealing with him was in this sort. At euery seuerall time of buying Cheese he was grieuously afflicted, being thrice, and at the last, either she or a spirit in her likenesse did appeare vnto him, and whisked about his face (as he lay in bed) a wet cloath of very loathsome sauour; after which hee did see one cloathed in russet with a little bush beard, who told him hee was sent to looke vpon his sore legge, and would heale it; but rising to shew the same, perceiuing hee had clouen feet, refused that offer, who then (these being no vaine conceits, or phantasies, but well aduised and diligently considered [...] suddenly vanished out of sight. After this she sent her Impes, a Toad, and Crabs crawling about the house, which was a shoppe planchered with boords, where his seruants (hee being a Shooemaker) did worke: one of which tooke that toad, put it into the fire, where it made a groaning noyse for one quarter of an houre before it was consumed; during which time Mary Smith who sent it, did endure, (as was reported) torturing paines, testifying the felt griefe by her out-cryes then made. The sicknesse which he first sustained, was in manner of a madnesse or phrensie, yet with some interposed release of extremity: so that for thirteene or foureteene weekes together hee would be of perfect memory, other times distracted and depriued of all sence. Also the ioynts and parts of his body were benummed, besides other pains and greifes from which hee is not yet freed, but continueth in great weakenesse, disabled to performe any labour, whereby hee may get sufficient and competent maintenance. And by the councel of some, sending for this woman by whom hee was wronged, that he might scratch her (for this hath gone as currant, and may plead prescription for warrant a foule sinne among Christians to thinke one Witch-craft can driue out another) his nailes turned like feathers, hauing no strength to lay his hands vpon her.()