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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 202A number of physicians from Norwich in the county of Norfolk, described as being consulted to treat and diagnose Thomas Younges' mysterious wasting illness (allegedly caused by Henry Smith's curse).(58-59)And it is not improbable but that she had dealt no better with others then these aboue mentioned. For Mr Thomas Yonges of London, Fishmonger, reported vnto me, that after the demand of a debt due vnto Mr Iohn Mason, Silkeman of the same Citie, whose Widow hee married, from Henry Smith Glouer her husband, some execrations and curses being wished vnto him, within three or foure dayes (being then gone to Yarmouth in Norfolke vpon necessary businesse) there fell sicke, and was tortured with exceeding and massacring griefes, which by no meanes (hauing vsed the aduise of sundry learned and experienced Physitians in Norwich) could in any part be mitigated, and so extraordinarily vexed thirteene moneths, was constrained to go on Crutches, not being able to feed himselfe, and amended not before this mischieuous woman was committed to prison (accused for other wickednesses of the like kinde) at which time (so neere as he could coniecture) he then receiued some release of his former paines, though at the present when hee made this relation, which was at Candlemas last past, had not perfectly recouered his wonted strength: for his left hand remained lame, and without vse. ()