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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 204A man from Chester in the county of Cheshire, who claims that Mary Poole Stole from him. Suspecting that she would steal the money on his counter, he took it in his hand. When she saw him do so, she asked him to cross her with a piece of silver. In doing so, the piece disappears, but he had not the power to cry out after her.(2)Another Gentleman that happened to be in the Court, said, that some time since, the Prisoner was telling his Daughter some Story, who had a little Money lying by her upon the Counter; he mistrusted that she would cheat his Daughter of it, and was resolved to prevent it, and took it up and held it in his Hand; but the Prisoner seeing that, desired him to cross her hand with a piece of Silver, which he did, and said, that on a sudden the Money was gone out of his Hand, which put him in such a Consternation, that he had not power to cry out or stop her, but let her go away with the Money.()