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Assertions for a specific person.

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John LaneA minister (and exorcist) then preaching in the village of Tarporley in the county of Cheshire, described as a "late fellow of Christs Colledge in the University of Cambridge, & now a famous and godly Preacher of the Gospell of Jesus Christ." Lane, witnessing one of Mylner's fits during which she is contorts her body, "demaunded of her that kepte this cruell handled creature, whether shee coulde not keepe her downe?" He decided to test this theory himself, by taking her by the hand and "pluckt down her feete, and wyth more ado kept them downe, holdinge her handes, sytting vpon her legs, in whom he found such strength and vehement panges, that he was fully perswaded." In another attempt to put a stop to Mylner's fits, Lane blew vinegar into Mylner's nostrils again and again, instructing her to call on god for mercy, until she cried: "No, no, no more for Gods sake." Afterwards he leads them all in the lord's prayer and Mylner is proclaimed delivered. Lane preaches a sermon the next day at Saint Marie's (i.e. Church of St Mary-on-the-Hill, now St. Mary's Centre), a sermon Anne Mylner herself attends. Mylner becomes a celebrity in the city and, by extension, so must have John Lane.(15)After this it chaunced Mayster John Lane, late fellow of Christs Colledge in the Uniuersity of Ca~bridge, & now a famous and godly Preacher of the Gospell of Jesus Christ, within the County of Chester, preaching at Torperley, at the request of Raufe Done Esouyer, about the xxi. of Januarye last, metther with two men of the sayd City, the one being a nere neyghbour to this woful woman: who then among other talke, demaunded of Maister Lane, whether ther were not some possessed wyth spirits as in times past, and for confirmacion hereof spake of the sayd Mayden, & alledged the horryblenes of her torment to be suche, at the time of her traunce, that it could argue nothing els, but that she was possessed with some spirite. And further said, that she had remayned in that miserable plight .xv. or. xvi. wekes, and (as I suppose, hauing hearde howe it is well knowen to diuers credible persons in these partes, what rare and syngular remedye god hath wrought by M. Lane, to some that sustained of late no smal decay of minde and memory, or els being of that religion, as in theese dayes seeke myracles to confirme Gods woorde) desyred him at his next comming to the City of Chester, to see the tormented Mayden, and they would bring him vnto her. Maister Lane then condecending to their request, & at his next repayre vnto the sayd City, lodged in the house of Syr William Caluerly Knight, wheron Friday being the .xvi. of Februarye laste (at which time the Assise was hloden in Chester) met agayne by occasion with the sayd two men: who after they had put hym in remembrance of hys promise, & had disclosed the maner of the Maydens torment to Syr William Caluerley, syr Wylliam Sneyd Knightes, and my Ladye Caluerley, with diuers other then desirous to see the Mayden, went al together, and brought maister Lane vnto the sayd Mylners house (to see the Mayden, and the~ to hym vnknowen) about two of the clocke in the after noone of the same .xvi. day of February, & there finding the Mayden in her traunce after her accustomed maner, lying in a bed within the haule, her eyes halfe shut, shalfe open, looking as she had bene agast, neuer mouyng either eye or eye lyd, her teeth somthing open, with her toung doublyng betwene, her face somewhat red, her head as heauy as leade to lift at, she lay stil as a stone, and feeling her pulce, it beat with as good measure, as if she had bene in perfite health. And in this sort beholding her, almost during the fourth part of an houre, her bellye began to moue, swelling vp & down, somtime beneath her chest, sometyme vp to the throte, in suche vehemenry, that a man would haue thought she would haue burst. Then sodenly she lifteth her self vp in her bed, bending backwards in such order, that almost her head and fete met, falling downe somtime on the one syde, somtime on the other, but rysyng againe so sodenly, that the beholders could not imagine howe if might bee possible so quicklye shee coulde without ayde of hande, cast her selfe (her belly being vpwarde) into the fourme of a hoope. Maister Lane demaunded of her that kepte this cruell handled creature, whether shee coulde not keepe her downe? Who answered no, and sayd that she had once tryed it, and then was almost cast into the fyre. Then desired he that she woulde permitte him to assay if hee coulde holde this dolefull woman downe. Shee aunswered yea, but yet sayd it woulde not preuaile. [...] said Maister Lane, by the grace of God it may preuayle. And therupon after that this pitiful Mayde~ had lifted her self. 4. or v. times in such wonderful maner as before is noted, hee tooke her in ha~d, & with much ado pluckt down her feete, and wyth more ado kept them downe, holdinge her handes, sytting vpon her legs, in whom he found such strength and vehement panges, that he was fully perswaded she was possessed. The people present, seing hym so to continue with her, and her paines encrease, some thought best he should let her alone, saying that it woulde haue the course. Whom maister Lane desired to be quyet, and let God woorke, willing them to pray to God for her, for asmuche as in him onely consisteth her deliuerance from that payne, and that god was as stro~g as euer he was. And when she was in the veheme~t panges the beholders called vpon god for her, maister Lane secretly sayd the fifty Psalm, & ofte~ desired God, through the bloud of his so~ne Jesus Christ, to ease the Maiden, not doubting of his mercye in that behalfe. And when he had thus striued with her the space of two houres, that the drope trickled downe hys face, he had thought to haue commended her vnto God: but then againe it came to mynde to tary the end, and so began a freshe to striue with her, euer secretly praying & calling vpo~ the bloud of Christ, & whe~ her belly was pressed downe wt as much weight & stre~gth as could be, by those yt wer present, she stryued more the~ before, and diuers times with the vehement swelling of her bellye, shee was verye like to haue throwne them ouer, that so helde downe her body. At the last Maister Lane called for viniger, wherat the sta~ders by marueiled, saying, that yt thing with muche more had bene often tymes attempted, but to no purpose. Notwithstanding he ceased not to call styll for it, saying, that God might do that then, which he did not before, and so receiued viniger, put it into his mouth & blewe it into the Mayde~s nostrels, wherat she cryed a Lady, Lady. He the~ willed her to cal vpo~ God, and the bloud of Christ, & in these doinges she being astonied he called againe for more viniger. Wherat she cried: No, no, no more for Gods sake. The~ maister Lane willed her to speake & say after him, & so he & all the~ present, said the Lords prayer & Te deum, she saying after them.()