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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Ezekiel TribleA tobacco pipe maker who accuses Diana Crosse of burning down his home, rendering him unable to smoke his pipe properly, and bewitching one of his employees so that he becomes ill. (150-151)12 August, 1654. One Diana Crosse a widow, suspected of being a witch, was ordered by the Judge of Assize to be committed for trial at the City Sessions. Mr. Ezekiel Trible, a tobacco pipe maker, one of the victims of the witch's arts, deposed that Mrs. Crosse on one occasion came to his house for fire, which was delivered to her, but for the space of one month afterwards he could not make or work his tobacco pipes to his satisfactionthey were altogether either over or under burnt. The witch, too, cast her evil eye upon a boy in his employ, and "affirmed" that he should never be well, and thereupon the boy "grewe into a "distracted condition, and was much consumed and pyned "away in body."()